10 Tips On How To Prepare To Move Into A First Apartment

There are few things more exciting than moving into a first apartment. Moving and organizing a new home can be challenging for anyone, especially if you have never done it before and are not sure what to expect. Before packing up your things, be aware that moving to a first apartment involves many things. We’ve got 10 tips on how to prepare to move into your first apartment. If you keep these in mind, you’ll discover your moving experience to be a great one!

1. Choose the right apartment 

Sounds obvious right? It’s harder said than done even for people who’ve moved many times. Create a list of what you’re looking for in a suitable apartment. Consider various factors like your rent budget, the location of the apartment, the size, commute to and from the workplace, and amenities. Keep in mind your future requirements like how many rooms you would need when you start a family or if you want to stay put for many years to come. Come prepared with a list of things you’re willing to accommodate and what you’re not willing to give up. Ask the landlord all the questions you need to make your decision easier.  That will help narrow down your choices.

Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and bleach on a table.

Clean before you move all your belongings into the apartment.

2. Clean thoroughly

Once you’ve signed the lease and handed the keys to your new pad, do a thorough walk-through by yourself or with your roommates. If your apartment is empty, now is the perfect time to clean all the corners that will be hard to reach when you’ve moved in. If your apartment is fully furnished, you can still do a thorough cleaning of the furniture and rooms before moving in your belongings.  Until you move out, you won’t get another chance to go over every inch. Make sure to dust surfaces, clean bathrooms, vacuum, and mop all floors. It’s always smart to include disinfectant wipes and spray, vacuum bags, and soap when purchasing supplies.

3. Check for utilities 

If the utilities are covered in your rent, you can skip to tip 4. But for the others, check if the utilities are installed in your new apartment and are working properly. Register with Hydro Quebec and even sign up with online billing to make it even easier. While some utility services like the cable and internet can wait until a week or two after the move, you most likely don’t want to wait that long. Be sure to call before you officially move in to see when is the next available timeslot the technician can come to install your cable and internet.

A living room with sunlight filtering in.

Plants, furniture, artwork, are all things that can really display your personality in a room.

4. Personalize your first apartment 

The most exciting part of moving is being able to make it your own by decorating and personalizing the space. Ask your landlord if they would paint before you move in, or if they would reimburse you for the paint and you do it yourself. Check out plant stores, home decor, thrift shops, and even online for artwork, furniture, and knick-knacks that will make you feel at home.

5. Purchase furniture 

If your apartment comes fully furnished skip to tip 6. If you have a blank canvas to work with, take measurements of the rooms in your new apartment to find out if your existing furniture will fit into your new apartment or not. If you do not own any furniture, make sure to prioritize furniture like the sofa and the bed. You can buy more furniture later when you are settling down and understand better what you’re looking for. What helps us create a more cohesive design between our personal decor and our furniture is creating mood boards to help guide colour patterns, furniture styles, and price points.

A clean home entrance with organizational units

A tidy entrance gives a great first impression and makes your home feel more inviting.

6. Spruce up your entryway 

Want to make a good first impression on friends and guests? Give your entryway personality and organization with shoe racks, baskets, wall hooks, umbrella stands, and shelving. All these entryway accessories give you a place to put your belongings while also making your apartment look neat, tidy, and makes your guests excited to see the rest of your space.

7. Check for safety equipment 

Ensure you have proper safety equipment available in your new apartment. Check if the batteries work in your smoke detectors. If you do not find any smoke detectors, contact your landlord to get one installed as soon as possible. It is also a smart idea to buy at least one fire extinguisher to keep in your home in case of an emergency.

Cafe and shops with tables and chairs set up to eat outside.

Talk a walk and explore cafes and restaurants in your area.

8. Meet your new neighbors and explore your new neighborhood 

A quick way to love your new home is to get to know the people living around you (safely and when it’s appropriate). Living in a community involves interacting with others and sharing common amenities. Greeting your neighbors, and making an effort can make your first apartment experience more pleasant. Make it a point to locate nearby grocery stores, parks, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, and libraries. Explore your areas to discover new cafes, local restaurants, or parks to get daily exercise.

9. Find out the pick-up days 

A simple but important step is figuring which days are garbage days and which are recycling. You can contact your local municipality to request a garbage bin or recycling bin.

10. Update your address 

Last but not least, don’t forget to let friends and family know you have moved. It is also important to update your address with the different service companies you use on an everyday basis – credit cards, banks, pharmacies, and anywhere else you use regularly.

Now that you know what needs to be done when moving into your first apartment, the next thing to do is to start planning your housewarming party. If you’re still at step one and looking for a new apartment, check out Guiker for our listings!