Best Restaurants in Downtown Montreal

Shaughnessy Village

If you’re from Montreal, then you’re probably already familiar with the amazing food scene we’re blessed to have. Not only is the food great but it’s also diverse – from poutine to Chinese dumplings, you can get it all in Montreal. Shaughnessy Village is an area that is overlooked in our opinion. Home to a wide array of restaurants, cafés, and lunch spots you can’t go wrong when dining here. Good thing we’re here to direct you towards the best restaurants in Shaughnessy village that you might have missed. Here are 7 diverse spots to grab affordable dinners, lunches, or even something sweet.

Chung Chun

Chung Chun rice dogs are the newest craze and here’s why. This restaurant’s Korean specialty may seem like a regular corn dog, but what makes it so special is the rice flour batter and toppings. The toppings range from crispy potatoes to fried ramen and squid ink, making it easy to call Chung Chun food addiction heaven. If you want to try one of their ‘Kogo’s’ head over to 1418 Rue Pierce right off Saint-Catherine street.


Slice and Soda

We love a slice of pizza, and Slice and Soda really know how to make a good one. You’ll definitely want more than one slice of their New York-style pizza. It’s a good thing that they have tons of toppings to choose from including bocconcini basil, calabrese, carnivore, and veggie. Finish off your meal with one of their homemade sodas to quench your thirst.



Don’t let Kazu’s discrete location fool you, this place is known for its authentic Japanese food at a great price. In fact, before the pandemic hit there’s no chance you would get in without waiting in line, that’s how good the food is. We recommend trying Kazu for dinner, and if you don’t feel like trekking downtown, they’re available on uber eats too.


Sammi and Soup Dumpling

Welcome to Dumpling heaven. Firstly, these are seriously the best dumplings in Montreal and any local will tell you. Sammi and Soup are known for their soup dumplings (hence their name) but they also serve other Chinese delicacies such as wonton soup, peanut butter dumplings, and seaweed salad. Finally, don’t forget your fortune cookie on the way out!


Antep Kabab

If you’ve never tried kabab before Antep Kabab should be your first choice. Get ready for a mouth full of flavor, as this place serves authentic Turkish Kabab including sandwiches, kabob plates, and burgers. Bonus: they make their bread fresh, in-house. Antep Kabab only accepts cash so come prepared!



Gazo serves liquid nitrogen ice cream, and if you wondering what that means the gist is that it gives you dragon breath. Not only is the ice cream smooth and thick, but you and your friends will be entertained for a solid 5 minutes. Although they’re known for their ice cream, Gazo also serves other trendy treats like soufflé pancakes and fusion tea.


Matcha Zanmai

Last but not least is Matcha Zanmai. This place serves matcha everything, and we mean literally everything. You can get matcha ice cream, parfaits, chia pudding, or a simple matcha latte if you want to play it safe. However, even if you’re not a matcha lover, they have other teas such as hojicha, and sencha. Matcha Zanmai will have you sold and become your new summer obsession, we’re convinced! 


In short, after going through this list It’s no wonder some of the best restaurants can be found in Shaughnessy Village. This area truly encompasses Montreal’s diverse food culture. If you’re looking for more tasty spots to visit, follow us on TikTok to stay in the loop on what’s happening in popular Montreal neighborhoods.