The future of real estate investing.

Active selection, passive management.

Invest in rental properties that offers superior ROI driven by Tech-enabled leasing.

What we do?

Over the last 6 years, our tech-enabled leasing system has helped landlords across 4 cities optimize their rental properties' profitability.

Now, we are leveraging our operational expertise and proprietary data to help everyone invest in rental properties. So everyone has the opportunity to become better investors.


Individual Landlords


Paying Tenants


Assets under management

Carefully curated deal flow

Our expertise in managing the very units we sell has given us firsthand insight on the costs and revenues associated with each investment. Rely on predictable data to make informed decisions.

Flexible investment plans

The days of down-payments and 30-year mortgages are over. Invest in opportunities according to your budget and interest level so that your ownership stake is proportional.

Transparent investing

Keep track of your investment beyond yields and net asset value. You’ll know which properties you are invested in, how much each unit is earning, and how much they cost to run. We practice transparency with data upfront and no hidden fees.

How it works

01Choose your investment preferences

Benefit from access to a collection of curated deals across a spectrum of property types.

02Let us care of the management

You'll have all the insights you need on property performance, accessible to you at any time via our online platform.

03Grow your portfolio over time

Reinvest your returns - fractionally, across property types and classes.

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